Why Choose a Steelworker ?

  • 05-07-2017
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Why Choose a Steelworker ?

The design of the Morgan Rushworth hydraulic steelworkers includes many time saving features which may not be apparent at first glance. As steelworkers have developed over time a number of features have evolved to maximise the potential of these versatile machines.

  • Angle Flange Trim – while many users will use the angle shearing station to crop angle iron to 45 degree to form a frame, not everyone is aware that for smaller sizes of angle, one flange only can be trimmed in the flat bar shear station. If one flange is sheared at 45 degrees, utilising the notch provided in the flat bar shear hold down, then a frame can be manufactured with a ready-made weld prep on the outside of the angle.
  • Flat Bar End Bevelling – using a different slot in the shear station hold down, the ends of small flat bars can be offered up to the shear blades at an angle, allowing a partial shearing across the end of the bar, leaving a small bevel for a weld prep.
  • Flat Bar Bending Unit (Optional Attachment) – many steelworkers see years of use for punching, shearing and cropping with the rectangular notch station barely being used. A more productive option for many users is to specify a new machine with an optional flat bar bending attachment which can be mounted in place of the standard rectangular notch unit; these can also be retro-fitted to many existing models.
  • Manual Length Stop – the standard length stop on the Morgan Rushworth HSW models can be swung around to cover any of the shearing stations. If very small lengths of material are being sheared, a threaded hole in the length stop allows for a bolt to be inserted which can then be adjusted within a short distance of the blade.
  • Auto Crop Length Stop – the standard length stop on the HST models, allows material to be fed in to the machine up to an electrical stop. Triggering the machine action without using the foot pedal can be particularly useful for cropping flat bar as material can be supported on rollers or roller track and the operator can control the feeding and cropping while standing some distance from the machine

In addition to the above there are many different uses of a hydraulic steelworker, which can also be fitted with a multitude of special tools and attachments for special applications. The Morgan Rushworth range of hydraulic steelworkers can be viewed here.

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