Morgan Rushworth Hydraulic H-Frame Presses

Introducing our Morgan Rushworth Hydraulic H-Frame Presses

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About The Morgan Rushworth Hydraulic H-Frame Presses

The Morgan Rushworth H-Frame presses are ideal for a whole variety of bending, forming, pressing and straightening operations. They extend from 30 tonnes capacity up to an extra powerful 200 tonne model with a choice of distances between the frames. The HFP versions feature a monometer and a joystick lever to control the operation with a pair of V blocks being supplied as standard equipment.  The HFPV model is equipped with a moveable hydraulic ram which is able to traverse the bed. This enables multiple tool sets to be installed on the bed, providing the operator the capability to carry out a number of various pressings without requiring a tool change.  The HFPX machines include a strong well dimensioned, height adjustable bed with tee slots to secure tooling. The top beam, also fitted with tee slots, has a powerful central hydraulic ram with two guide pistons providing stability. Adjustable limit switches ensure a precise consistent pressingn operation.

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